Script Technologies is a dynamic private South African company which specialises in niche technology needs of modern-day markets. Script has been operating in the telecommunications and specialised technology industries for the past 38 years with branches across South Africa as well as in Nigeria. The company also operates a dealer network across Africa which assists in supporting Script in its operations throughout the continent.

The company specialises in telecommunications and SaaS, providing both implementation and maintenance of these systems. We also offer product R&D, software development and full-scale hardware production. Our in-house approach allows for ground-up development to ensure exact quality standards are met at all times. Script currently provides solutions to major stakeholders in the logistics, security, forestry, mining, agriculture, offshore, and specialised law enforcement sectors.

The company thrives on the approach of recognising the customer as an individual and taking an innovative approach to system development. Attention to detail is key when understanding the complexities and challenges facing any modern-day business. It is for this reason that Script continues to flourish in the highly competitive technology and surveillance environment.