Body Cameras South Africa

Our 4G LTE body cameras have changed accountability in South Africa. We have seen a rapid de-escalation in violent behaviour as well as a decrease in complaints against users. The evidence has become reliable for use in court proceedings and ensuring cases are more accurate. The ability to enhance performance through the reviewing of incidents have made body cameras essential in the workplace. Moreover, the reliable evidence produced by these cameras has made case analysis more robust and precise.  The ability to review and analyse incidents has also lead to increased performance through training example

Features of Body Cameras

The body cameras for sale in South Africa do not only record basic footage, but also include the location as well as when and who it was taken by. Script has seen a number of entities strive for greater accountability in recent years. As a result, our customers have demanded for tools to be more comprehensive and integrated in their offering. Therefore, we have created a body camera that not only takes video recordings. It also includes a panic SOS system, PTT radio, incident reporting system and photo and audio functions. An imperative that we also included a guard patrol system in this offering due the requirements of the private security industry.

Body Cameras Live

The cameras recordings captured can either be stored on the body camera or on the cloud using the video management solution. This solution includes storage and organisation of cases as well as the management of cases captured on the body camera. The body cameras feature live video streaming using 4G LTE to ensure that safety efforts can therefore be coordinated in a way that saves lives.

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Body cameras South Africa.