Intrinsically Safe PTT Radio

The Intrinsically Safe PTT Radio with the necessary HAZLOC Certifications, our TK1000EX can be deployed in various hostile work environments. Optional on-site solutions built to suit user requirements. Coupled with 4G LTE body camera technology, live video feeds with a tailored video management system ensures events are precisely captured.

The stand out advantage of the Intrinsically Safe PTT radio system is that two way radio communication can be deployed almost anywhere. There are no major fixed costs to the customer other than the rental or purchase of the radio and the cost of the subscription to the service.

The encrypted Intrinsically Safe PTT radio system allows for country wide as well as international coverage to be obtained and uses the cellular networks (4G LTE, 3G, 2G). Simplex and Digital radio infrastructure can also be used in ensuring excellent range of coverage.

The Dispatcher – Command and Control Centre gives users a best-in-class Intrinsically Safe management and control platform. It has been a game-changer in terms of modern day radio communication. It not only allows users to receive more information from the control centre, but also allows a significant amount of data to be sent back. This ensures more control over users and better decision making to be made due to the in-depth information available.

TK2100 Body Camera

The TK2100 LTE Body Camera goes far beyond a camera. It is a powerful and intelligent tool protecting those on the front line. Live video streaming via LTE, real time photos, location services, PTT services and an advanced panic SOS system. All features are coupled within a single device. The TK2100 Body Worn Camera features professional-grade Sony Startlight lenses with night vision technology, ensuring all events are precisely captured. Script Technologies has become the leader in the development and supply of Body Worn Cameras solutions, serving customers across Africa. We thrive on the approach of recognising the customer as an individual. Taking an innovative approach to system development and becoming totally flexible to customers’ needs to ensure satisfaction beyond expectation. Attention to detail is key when understanding the complexities and challenges facing any modern-day business.

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