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Body worn cameras are becoming an ever more popular solution in ensuring accountability and stronger postmortem event analysis in the modern work environment. Script Technologies has become one of the largest suppliers of Body worn cameras in South Africa and has expanded rapidly to expanded supply law enforcement agencies on a global basis.

The TK2100 body camera incorporates communication and a body worn camera into a single device. Its small form factor enables users to take photos, record video, activate panic SOS as well as have the option to use Script’s PTT radio system and user interface all within a single device. The TK2100 body worn camera features professional-grade Sony Startlight lenses with night vision technology, ensuring all events are precisely captured.

Videos and photos are not only saved on the device but can be viewed live and retrieved from the device via 4G LTE networks using the Dispatcher – Command and Control user interface. This highly innovative body camera was recently deployed by one of the worlds most elite military organisations with huge success and has since also been deployed in a number of other industries.