Smart Devices

Discover our range of devices, integrating seamlessly with Radion Flow AI for law enforcement, first responders, industry, logistics, and more. Stay connected in real-time, enhance productivity, and respond swiftly to emergencies. Reliable, durable, and cutting-edge, these devices optimise workflows for a smarter tomorrow. Upgrade now!

Radion R90

Revolutionising On-Person Recording

Step into the future of on-person recording with the Radion R90, a next-generation LTE body worn camera. Powered by Android and integrated with the Radion Flow platform, the R60 delivers a seamless and efficient user experience.


Simple. Reliable. Connected.


Versatile. Efficient. Empowering.


Power at Your Fingertips, Connectivity Beyond Boundaries.


Efficiency Unleashed, Scan, Speak, Succeed.

Unleashing the Reta R9 TABLET

Superior Performance, Reliable Security

Discover the perfect blend of power and performance with the Reta R9 Tablet. Running on Android 10.0 and the MTK6771 hardware platform, it offers two impressive configurations: 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM or 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM to meet your unique storage and multitasking requirements.