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Powering Operational Fluidity and Digital Synergy

The epitome of streamlined integration in a world driven by advanced technology. Unifying a comprehensive array of our proprietary features and bespoke hardware into a single, intuitive platform, we redefine operational fluidity. 

Transforming Operations in the Digital Vanguard

We eradicate the concept of data silos, providing an all-encompassing view of your business, driving efficiency, and fostering synergy. Capitalise on our AI-enhanced automation and real-time insights, thus optimising processes and expediting informed decision-making. Experience the power of seamless collaboration with our secure, cutting-edge communication suite. Embark on your journey towards digital transformation with Radion Flow, a cloud-based solution that is more than just a platform – it is the nexus of operational unity, simplicity in management, and the digital vanguard.


Full-Spectrum File Support

Manage all types of data with Radion Flow, including live video feeds, GPS tracking data, incident reports, voice recordings, photographs, documents, and more.

Intelligent API Integrations

Our platform offers seamless API integrations with your existing systems and services, resulting in unified data management and increased operational efficiency.

Automated Incident Reporting

Transform the way you handle incident reporting with AI-enabled auto-tagging and automated retention schedules, saving time and enhancing user compliance.

Dispatching and Guard Patrols

Efficiently manage dispatching and guard patrols, ensuring your security personnel are at the right place at the right time, and with all the information they need.

Video Management System

Secure storage, analysis, retrieval, and sharing of videos

Checklists and Forms

Digitise your checklists and forms with Radion Flow, simplifying data collection, processing, and ensuring seamless workflows.

Robust Time & Attendance Tracking

Monitor workforce performance with comprehensive time and attendance tracking features. Manage schedules, track hours, and view reports to optimise productivity.

Secure 2FA Authentication

With two-factor authentication, Radion Flow ensures that your sensitive data and communications are protected from unauthorised access.

Geo-Fencing and GPS Tracking

Leverage precise geo-fencing and GPS tracking features to manage your operations more effectively and ensure personnel safety

Panic SOS Alerts and Man-Down

Enhance safety with panic SOS alerts, lone worker and man-down notifications, ensuring immediate response to any emergency situations.

Integrated Communication Tools

Simplify communications with group & individual calls, voice recording, and broadcast messaging, enhancing collaboration within your organisation.

Comprehensive Access Control

Maintain the security and integrity of your operations with our robust access control features, granting permissions based on roles and responsibilities.

Live Video Feeds

Real-time video feeds from body and vehicle cameras

Cloud-Based Operation

Enjoy the benefits of cloud technology with secure data storage, easy accessibility, and seamless operations, regardless of location.