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Revolutionising On-Person Recording

Step into the future of on-person recording with the Radion R90, a next-generation LTE body worn camera. Powered by Android and integrated with the Radion Flow platform, the R90 delivers a seamless and efficient user experience.

Superior Performance and Cutting-Edge Technology

The R90 is equipped with three integrated cameras, including a 13MP primary camera that boasts night vision capabilities, ensuring high-quality imagery in all light conditions. Its 3-inch screen offers a clear, user-friendly interface to maximiz

Innovatively designed with built-in AI capabilities, the R90 provides intelligent recognition features for a smarter, more intuitive user experience. The hot-swappable battery supports up to 12 hours of recording, ensuring you won’t miss any crucial moments.

Enhance Your Experience

with a Range of Accessories

The R90 experience can be further personalized with a wide array of accessories, catering to a diverse range of requirements. Whether you’re seeking additional functionality, adaptability, or protection, the R90 accessories range has got you covered.

Experience the future of on-person recording with the Radion R90, where innovation meets unmatched performance.

Hardware Specifications

Expansive Images and Video

4:3 Aspect Ratio
140-Degree Field of View

Extended Battery Life

Larger 3800 mAh Battery
Lasts a Full Shift

Robust Bi-Directional Communications

Enhance Collaboration
Share Livestreams with Support Teams

Clear and Detailed Recordings

Streamlined Operations

Simplified Registration
Programmable Buttons
Confirmation Prompts
Build in Push-to-Talk

Real-Time Support with Radion Flow Ai

Live Maps
Instant Alerts
Live Streams
On-The-Go Recording Upload

Faster Charging with Magnetic Disconnect Cable

20% Charge in 30 Minutes

Improved Security and Storage

XTS-AES 256 Encryption
128GB Solid State Hard Drive
IP68 Waterproof