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Uninterrupted Communication Anywhere, Anytime

Satellite Push-to-Talk (PTT) is a revolutionary communication system that ensures uninterrupted connectivity in remote and challenging environments. Developed by Icom America, the Satellite PTT system utilizes cutting-edge satellite technology to provide reliable voice communication, messaging, and GPS location tracking. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, operating in areas with no cellular coverage, or working in disaster-stricken regions, Satellite PTT keeps you connected with your team effortlessly.

The Satellite PTT Device

The heart of the Satellite PTT system lies in the robust and reliable Satellite PTT device. Icom America offers the SAT100, a feature-rich handheld radio that seamlessly integrates with the satellite network. The SAT100 is designed to withstand harsh environments, featuring a rugged construction, water and dust resistance (IP67 rating), and an extended battery life for extended operations.

Global Satellite Network Coverage

The Satellite PTT system leverages a global satellite network to ensure comprehensive coverage across various regions, including remote areas where traditional communication methods may not be available. With the Satellite PTT service, users can communicate across vast distances, making it an ideal solution for outdoor adventurers, emergency responders, and industries such as oil and gas, utilities, and transportation.

Key Features and Functionality

4.1 Instant Push-to-Talk Communication: Satellite PTT enables instantaneous communication at the press of a button, allowing users to initiate group or individual calls with ease. This real-time voice communication ensures quick coordination and efficient decision-making, improving overall operational efficiency.

4.2 Messaging and Data Transfer: In addition to voice communication, the Satellite PTT system supports text messaging, enabling users to send and receive short messages directly on the SAT100 device. This feature proves invaluable when voice communication is not feasible or requires a more discreet mode of communication.

4.3 GPS Location Tracking: The SAT100 device integrates GPS technology, providing accurate real-time location information of team members. This enables enhanced situational awareness, allowing team leaders to track and monitor their personnel, assets, and operations efficiently.

4.4 Emergency Features: The Satellite PTT system incorporates emergency functionalities to ensure safety in critical situations. Users can activate emergency alerts, notifying designated contacts or control centers about their distress situation, providing vital information for immediate response and assistance.

Applications and Industries

Satellite PTT finds applications in a wide range of industries and activities:

– Outdoor Recreation: Stay connected with fellow adventurers during hiking, camping, or boating trips.

– Emergency Services: Enable reliable communication for first responders in disaster-stricken or remote areas.

– Utilities and Oil/Gas: Facilitate efficient coordination among field personnel, enhancing safety and productivity.

– Transportation and Logistics: Maintain communication across vast distances, ensuring smooth operations and timely deliveries.


In a world where reliable communication is crucial, the Satellite PTT system offered by Icom America provides a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution. The SAT100 device, integrated with a global satellite network, offers seamless push-to-talk communication, messaging capabilities, GPS tracking, and emergency features. With its durability and adaptability, Satellite PTT empowers individuals and teams to stay connected, even in the most challenging environments, facilitating effective collaboration and enhancing safety.

Hardware Specifications

Iridium Satellite Network

In-Vehicle or In-Building Use

AES256 Encryption

Low Latency

IP67 Rated

Worldwide Coverage

Panic Button

Gateway Interconnect