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Meet the Smart Cameras Vehicles

The Apex of PTT Smartphone Innovation

Elevate your communication experience with the Radion R60, our flagship device that redefines the standards of Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality. Operating under Google Mobile Services (GMS), the R60 marries the power of Google’s apps and services with our innovative PTT technology, creating a next-level tool for modern communication.

Superior Performance, Exceptional Durability

At the core of the R60 is its unrivaled PTT functionality, epitomized by a dedicated PTT button designed for an impressive 450,000 pushes. Combined with a speaker meticulously crafted for PTT, the R60 guarantees crystal-clear audio quality, enabling seamless communication.

Setting the Benchmark in PTT Smartphone Functionality

Embrace the future of PTT communication with the Radion R60. More than just a smartphone, it represents our commitment to innovation, excellence, and performance. Experience the ultimate fusion of sophistication, functionality, and reliability with the Radion R60.

Advanced Security with Biometric Access

The R60 goes beyond offering superior functionality; it provides enhanced security with its advanced biometric access feature. Quick, secure device unlocking at your fingertips not only ensures utmost protection but also optimizes usability, adding to your overall experience.

Hardware Specifications

Android 11

GMS Certifified (Google)



13MP Camera

IP67 Rated

2.0w Powerful Speaker

Dedicated SOS & PTT Buttons

Software Overview

3rd Party Apps

Google Playstore


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